Monday, 22 August 2016

Homemade Lemon and Coconut Face Scrub

My skin and I have a very turbulent relationship. Sometimes we get on but most of the time it's a constant battle. I used to have acne when I was a teenager going through school and then only in the last few months I've noticed it's starting to creep it's way back in. It's red, raw and just isn't the nicest thing to look at. I've read a hundred skin blogs and product reviews but I have an almighty fear with using loads of product on my face after being told by a skin expert that I shouldn't use exfoliators or any harsh beaded products because it'll just irritate my skin. However, I then spoke to another expert who found it ridiculous that I was told not to use an exfoliator. So there I was, stuck back at square one still desperate for something to make a difference to my skin with everyone saying different things. 

I decided to just keep researching and find something I liked and I can across this totally natural soothing and hydrating mask I could make at home. It's got coconut oil in it which basically saves lives. The oil is so so hydrating and it can be eaten, worn, melted or just anything really. It's also super moisturising which is a total plus for me and my dodge skin. The rest is just a couple squeezes of lemon juice, half a cup of sugar and a bit of honey. That's your lot. You then mix it all up and leave it in the fridge for a bit. When you come to put it on your face be generous and leave it for about 10/15 mins to soak in. Don't scrub like a crazy person just apply it and don't touch. Next wash it off in the shower and enjoy having super fresh feeling and soft skin. 

I only do the scrub maybe once every 2-3 weeks because I know I need to be careful but because it's 100% natural it makes me feel better about my skin and doesn't make it go red raw. If you have skin that's suffering a little bit then using this little pot of joy will make a difference. Even if it is a little bit Im totally obsessed. Its'a also amazing for your cuticles and as a lip scrub.
Enjoy! Z x


Saturday, 20 August 2016

Top 3 Ibiza Moments 1: The Zoo Project

Let me start this by saying that I have an announcement to make which may make my holiday to Ibiza sound a little strange: I hate going to clubs. They make me feel uneasy and a teeny bit claustrophobic. At the ripe old age of 23 I haven't set foot in a club in well over a year and so when I agreed to an Ibiza holiday the thing that terrified me was the aspect of going to Pacha to see David Guetta (HAHA) and freaking out half way through 'Where Them Girls At?' (let's all agree that's his best song?). However, my best friend who has this magic ability to talk me into doing anything persuaded me to go to the Zoo Project and I actually really enjoyed myself.

The Zoo Project is actually located in an old Zoo just outside San Antonio Bay. I was expecting a massive drunken rave but instead was met with the exact opposite. It's actually more like a mini festival with hippy vibes. Everyone gets painted or dressed up like an animal and dances the night away (I went as a lizard obvs/ sorry for the bikini.)

We actually got the painting done before we went to the event because we guessed it would cost something like €743829 to get it done inside. The shop we got ours done in was called 'Kiss My Fairy' (sorry Mum) in San Antonio Bay because the body art they done looked amazing- which it was. In the end it cost €30 which is still probably unacceptable to pay for some face paint on your arm but it's Ibiza and everything costs 3x the normal amount.

The venue itself was amazing! It's pretty big and also outside which means no uber sweaty painted arms. It's separated into different parts- the normal dancefloor with a DJ, a chill out area, food/ drink area and a pool area. The dancefloor was fab because the DJ didn't play horrific music like they normally do in all the big clubs so we actually enjoyed a dance. I was upset however, that no Beyoncé got played but you can't have it all eh?

Meditating with a Polar Bear?

The Chill out area was by far my favourite. There where loads of bean bags to sit out on, teepees to sit in, you could get a massage, tarot readings, henna and even join in with some dancing. We happened to be sat on the wrong beanbags when the event started and got dragged into an energy ritual that saw us doing weird gorilla movements and spinning in circles. I felt like a kid again which was surprisingly fun!

This was by far my favourite 'clubbing' experience of the week and if I were to give a suggestion to anyone going on that type of holiday then it would be to go to the Zoo Project because it's amazing! Everyone is super friendly there and the alcohol is also a lot cheaper than at Pacha, Amnesia and Ushuaia. It's also fab because it finishes at 12- perfect if you are a Granny-before-your-time like me.

Nicole x


Monday, 15 August 2016

Skincare Secrets for Dry Skin

If there is one thing I am meticulous about it is my skin. I am pretty lucky generally, I don't tend to get many spots and mostly the skin on my face isn't a insecurity of mine. I feel confident facing the world with a fresh unmade up face. I have very dry, sensitive skin and if I don't moisturise and hydrate my facial skin regularly then I'm in trouble.  What I will say is that I have always taken really great care of my skin and have invested money in some great products that always give me results. I'm going to talk you through three products that I am really enjoying and relying on at the minute and why I like them so much. Everyone also has different types of skin so I would generally recommend these products for a dryer skin type.

This product is the most reliable serum investment you will ever make. It has been on the market for years and is a staple for a lot of bloggers and skin care experts. I apply this day and night, although it is called advanced night repair it sits really nicely under make-up so day wear is completely acceptable. It is pretty pricey at £52.00 for the 30ml bottle but it will last you a long time even if you use it twice a day. The main reason I rate this product so highly is because I really notice the difference in my skin immediately when I don't use this product. It works so well my skin type and even my mum has used it for years.

Okay so I know this is an extremely expensive product and might not seem worth it to everyone. So I will say straight away that there are other brilliant moisturisers and day creams but if you have the budget then this product is truly amazing. I have been hearing about the magic cream Charlotte used on her clients for years and always found myself drawn to the idea of it. When it was announced that she would be selling it with her makeup line I was so excited. I picked it up in the flagship store in Covent Garden for an eye watering £70.00, but let me tell you it was worth it. It is a gorgeous rich cream and you only need a tiny amount to cover your face. I find my skin is plumped, hydrated and transformed into a beautiful canvas for make-up application. If you have the budget, treat yourself you will not regret it.

This product is a recent find and has been an absolute saviour for a skin problem I have encountered. My eye lids have been getting very dry and flaky recently and I have found it increasingly difficult to combat until I tried this product. It is an oil type product that you apply to dry patches to boost radiance and balance the skin. I found this product to almost over night improve the flakiness on my lids and made my skin feel so much smoother. It can be purchased online for £28.25 at Foreverliving and I would highly recommend it as a great product for dry skin and this line in general for sensitive skin. 

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

10 Really Good Excuses for Skipping the Gym

1. You went yesterday and don't they say you should do everything in moderation.

2. Your favourite leggings that make your stomach look really flat are in the washing machine, and god forbid you wear the pair that give you extreme VPL.

 photo tumblr_nc1z0bYGK01ql5yr7o1_250_zpsqmjowwvr.gif

3. The showers in the gym are terrible. Not only that but when you forget your shampoo/conditioner/shower gel there is absolutely no way you can use the rash-inducing, all purpose stuff they have in the shower. Your not an animal!

4. Your gym playlist needs updating and we all know that a) that is not a quick or easy task and b) good motivating music is an absolute must for any cardio workout.

5. Your gym buddy is somehow unavailable and you just can't face the cross trainer alone today.

6. It's your time of the month, you are livid for no reason, constantly starving and not one item of clothing you own fits you right now. To be honest the gym staff would probably appreciate it if you gave it a miss today stayed at home, watched Ab Fab and ate chocolate instead. Totally.

 photo tumblr_nhk6q2ksK71ql5yr7o1_500_zpsnt6jpeek.gif

7. The scary, always enthusiastic personal trainer who keeps trying to convince you to get training sessions with them definitely works the desk on a Tuesday, and it's Tuesday.

8. You've forgotten headphones. Sorry but there is no plausible way of sweating through an hour long workout listening to the rest of the room grunt and pant. You need your pain stakingly selected Spotify workout playlist.

9. It's the weekend  and you just applied fake tan, we all know that sweating is only going to make it streak. Is it really worth it?

10. Its freezing and there really is no reason you can't do some squats and lunges at home, in front of the TV, with your shower right down the hall.

 photo tumblr_nqppbvyeR01s2pwq4o1_500_zpsmhdjnewx.gif


Tuesday, 2 August 2016

10 Reasons to go to the Gym

1. 20 minutes on the cross trainer and a couple of squats will definitely excuse the 5 glasses of wine and family size dairy milk you had over the weekend.

2. There is no better excuse to shop. Lulu Lemon, Sweaty Betty, Nike. The gorgeous work out clothes at our fingertips are reason enough to work out. 

3. Work stress levels hitting 90 no better way to release that tension than smacking the punching bag for 15 minutes.

4. Festival Season + Levi shorts = 1000 squats at least.

5. The new personal trainer is a solid 10 and he doesn't need to know you aren't actually a 5 time a week, lycra clad-gym bunny.

6. You signed up for that fun run with work 6 months ago and you have that one co worker who likes to beat you in everything. Not this time Laura!

7. You don't constantly need to go to actual gym. There are so many fun classes you can try Booty Barre, Zumba, Clubbercise, Anti-Gravity Yoga. 

8. It will make you feel good. Exercise naturally releases endorphines and after a few weeks at the gym you will look in the mirror and feel better about yourself too.

9. It is the perfect excuse to wear comfy workout clothes all day with no shame. Leggings, sports bra, and trainers no judgement I'm going to gym later!

10. And of course to be a healthier and happier individual! 

Monday, 1 August 2016

Barry M Sunset Daylight Curing Nail Polish Review

 I love having pretty nails. My hands look and feel 10 times nicer when I have my nails done, and to be honest it gives me a little confidence boost (not that I need it). This nail addiction of mine however, could be the cause of a large hole in my purse. Being a student, as much as I hate to admit it, I simply cannot afford to have either gel or acrylic nails redone every few weeks (plus acrylics leave my nails weak and broken no matter how careful I am in the removal process). To be honest, even if I could afford it, I'm far too unorganised to have them booked consistently.
 So, to all the pretty nail lovers out there, I have found a solution, and is something that really works for me. 

Simply apply two coats of Barry M daylight curing colour, wait a minute or two and then apply the top coat. No more than 5 minutes later your nails will be completely set.

Here is just 10 of the many reasons why I absolutely love this polish:

1. Its hard as nails (pun intended)
2. Dry's very quickly
3. So shiny!
4. Professional finish. People are always complimenting my nails when I wear this, asking where I have had them done and assuming that it's a Gel finish
5. Lasts over 7 days without chipping (even through doing the dishes etc)
6. No need to book an appointment, so I can be as unorganised as I like
7. Comes off like regular polish
8. All natural drying - no UV lamp needed
9. Does not leave your nails dry or broken
10. It saves me money!! only £4.99 each or Boots happen to do two for £7 so you can get your colour as well as the topcoat!

So, if you love pretty nails, cannot be bothered to listen to the usual nail bar chat or want to save a few dollazz without giving up that professional finish, then this is your solution!

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