Saturday, 22 April 2017

Gin cocktails with eteaket Tea

When I think of tea, I think of a warm mug of English breakfast tea with a dash of milk on a cold Winter morning. So when I found out that eteaket was teaming up with Isle of Harris Distillers to create a limited edition Gin Tea I was very intrigued. I not only love experimenting with cocktails but gin is always my go-to drink at the weekend. So I decided to experiment with some Gin tea cocktails for a few friends when they come round for a girls night this week. It was super simple and something a little bit special and different which is always fun!


1 lemon/lime
25ml of soda water
10ml of triple sec
Ice for serving
Strawberries to garnish


1. In a jug mix together 200ml of Isle of Harris Gin Tea Blend with 50ml of Isle of Harris Gin and leave for 3-4 minutes 

2. Serve the blend over ice

3. Add 25ml of soda water

4. Add 10ml of triple sec

5. A squeeze of lime 

6. Garnish with fruit

The Isle of Harris Gin Tea is a tasteful blend of Juniper, Coriander, Orange Peel, Liquorice Root, Cassia Bark and Sugar Kelp which makes for a delicious distinct and unique flavour. The combination of flavours paired with the gin is an amazing after dinner treat and is perfect for any gin lover. 

If you love experimenting with cocktails and love herbal teas this is the recipe for you. Head along to the eteaket Concept store at 41 Frederick Street, Edinburgh to pick up the ingredients or on the eteaket and Isle of Harris Gin websites to pick up the ingredients. 

L x


Saturday, 15 April 2017

Pink, pink then a little bit more pink. Please.

Pink to make the boys wink you feel effortlessly feminine and not look like Barbie. This Spring's trend of pink is making itself very obvious across high-street windows, cover pages and any trend spotting article you've read. Gigi's wearing it, Kate's wearing it, my Nana's wearing it, everyone is wearing pink. It's fun, bold, exciting and available in hundreds of shades so why are you so scared to take the plunge? 

Pink seems to be associated with super girly and feminine women when at the moment everyone wants to be a little bit more edgy, still obsessed with sportswear and i'm still waiting for it to catch on in Edinburgh. Please believe me when I say pink can be anything you make it. You could go out in a full pink outfit and nobody would bat an eye- it's just how you dress it. If you LOVE pink and are super excited to get involved, amazing! If you're very on the fence and don't want to look super girly and it's not your usual colour then have no fear these trend tips will help you slowly introduce it into your wardrobe.

This 90's raspberry pink raw edged jumper is IDEAL for you gals still loving the sportswear trend. It's fun, can be worn with some smart jogger style trousers, a bold yellow shirt underneath so the collar is peaking through or with a denim skirt as featured on the model. Trainers, shiny boots, metallic brogues. It's a solid staple.

These cropped trousers are the perfect mix between a little masculinity but obviously they're bright pink so are super smart. The model wears it with the matching long-line blazer which is sooo lush but if that's not your thing you could easy wear them with a furry mule and a white shirt with a printed bag or even a grey t-shirt, heels and a leather jacket would look really fresh.

This is the cutest pink dress i've seen so far this season. The sleeve, the length, the frill- everything is so perfect I bought it as soon as I saw it. The bubblegum isn't overwhelming to see because it's got that mid-sleeve so don't panic that it's one colour. The red lip on the model is a perfect clash and those boots are keeping it a very cool. I'd wear it with black suede and maybe a tortoise heel boot with my leopard print side bag or black fluffy bag if i'm going out. Ideal with a duster coat too with a leather backpack and black trainers with a fishnet or sparkly sock.

This raw dusty pink jacket is good for you if you're really unsure about this trend. Because it's so pale and has a bit more going on with the raw detailing and buttons, you can wear it as much you would your black or blue denim jacket lurking in your wardrobe. Don't be put off by the model wearing it with the jeans to match- you can wear this with ANYTHING and look like you've got a bit more going on in your outfit.

This is the shocking pink I will never not love. It's bold, it's fun and it's just a bit wild for everyday. The leg is beautiful and those frills on the torso and sleeve are stunning. I swear you'd feel a million dollars in this. A lot of people are still worried about this awkward length of leg out of fear it will shorten them but please do try and experiment because I never thought id be able to wear this length at 5"1 and I wear it nearly everyday now. Get a cheeky leather with this and a super dark smokey eye, matching fuchsia lip and patent or metallic heels you're gunna be looking SO fit.

Here's a bit of insider knowledge: cropped jackets with sleeve details are going to be worn by everyone. If you don't have one by the end of June i'll be really surprised. Get way ahead of the game with this super sweet Topshop cropped jacket. Ideal for everyday, day-to-night or for an occasion. I love love love the fact it doesn't close so you can't hide. A graphic T like the model is wearing is cool and really in just now but I'd love it with a denim jumpsuit or dungarees for a bit more contrast.  

I stumbled across these matte pleated trousers and literally thought they were the coolest thing ever. Matte AND pleated...are we ok? YES. These are perfect if you love pink but are a bit worried to venture into new bold trends just yet. I don't know anyone that hasn't got a black silky pair of these or has at least tried some on. Fab for all weather and occasions. Trainers, heels, sandals, mules: all of them will go.

I'm really not a skirt kind of girl but this is really really cool. The asymmetric line across the hip with the zip is definitely worth a try. It's a bit more Gigi than your normal pencil skirt that just reminds you of a news presenter. The model is wearing it with a simple grey tank but i'd love it with a super pale pink half tucked jumper and accessorise with an over the top embellished side bag or crazy textures.

Z x


Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Easy but Delicious Easter Rice Crispy Traybake

I love to cook and I can cook. I think the fact you can sort of chuck it all together appeals to me- I love to chuck the rule book out. This year I have loosely dedicated myself to become a better baker because it's such a lovely skill to have. My fellow bloggers here at TQR; Zo
ë and Toni are both beautiful bakers and quite frankly they're showing me up. So with that in mind I have put together a really easy but tasty tray bake which has been customised for Easter. Perfect for if you're trying to impress family and friends but your cake baking leaves much to be desired.

 Please let us know if you decide to make it and tag us in your pictures!

4 x Mars Bars 
2 x tbsp of Golden Syrup
90g of Butter

200g of Rice Krispies
200g of Milk Chocolate (I used Cadburys)
100g of White Chocolate 

1 x Bag of Mini Eggs

  1. Melt the Mars Bars, golden syrup & butter in a small pan until completely melted
  2. Combine the melted mixture with the Rice Krispies & stir until coated fully
  3. Melt the milk and white chocolate separately in another pan on a medium heat
  4. Press mixture into a lined baking tray
  5. Cover the mixture with the milk chocolate then add the white chocolate on top to create a marble effect
  6. Crush the mini eggs and sprinkle over with a mixture of whole mini eggs throughout 
  7. Place in fridge over night to set and cut into squares

L x

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Edward Enninful: model, creative director and the new editor of British Vogue.

I'm really not sure i'm ready to move onto appreciating a Vogue editor that isn't Alexandra. You might laugh and think how can someone feel like this but reading my Mum's Vogue magazines when I was younger and flicking through the beautiful editorials started my total love for magazines and appreciation for fashion. I grew up reading Alexandra Shulman's notes and introductions and the occasional interview or feature she wrote and I saved every single edition. I've collected the magazine for such a long time now it's like a staple on my windowsill and it would look bare without them. Now I find myself wondering; do I continue my subscription and look forward to the new projects coming from Edward Eninnful or just accept my time with Vogue is happily ending?

Ok...that was a little dramatic but if you love Vogue and our dearest Alexandra as much as me you will understand. Edward Enninful is currently the fashion and style editor of W Magazine which is literally a piece of art per issue. It's the magazine you read to find out who's who, who's new, where you should be going, what you should be wearing and where you should be wearing it. It's the freshest fashion magazine out at the moment. His career in fashion started at the age of 16 when he was scouted as a model and it's never really stopped going up since then. Enninful is recognised as one of the youngest most successful bodies in fashion becoming the fashion editor at age 18 for i-D magazine (life goals right there and an inspiration to all). He has previously contributed to American and Italian Vogue and is frequently involved in high-fashion campaigns.

It's easy to see he has a wealth of experience and knows his stuff but seeing what he is going to do with our precious British Vogue is another chapter to come. He will start the position as editor as of August 1st after working along side Alexandra Shulman for the coming months to transition over. I suppose this is exciting and to live through two editors and be able to hopefully love both is exciting but I am looking forward to see what Alexandra will be doing next too. 

Edward Enninful is an established creative and recognised face of fashion and magazine journalism. He will be the first black, male and gay Vogue editor but let's not dwell on what every other magazine and every person has noted. It's not about these details that make him so special, it's his creative brain I can't wait to see unfold. He's experienced first hand what it's like to be in many aspects of the fashion world so he's definitely going to be bringing some edge to the game. Coming from W magazine and having worked for i-D magazine, Vogue is definitely in for a little bit more grit in it's publication when Enninful settles in.

Z x

Wednesday, 5 April 2017


I have been wanting to go to Dishoom ever since I heard about it opening in Edinburgh at the end of last year. I love Indian cuisine and the concept of an Irani, 20th century Bombay café really appealed to me. Rather than your classic Indian restaurants where you would order a curry and rice, Dishoom serves small plates of tapas style dishes, only two of which are actually curries. You can have a look at the menu here but to be honest I found it a bit complicated and it was much easier asking the waitress to explain it all. If you click on the link, you will also notice that there is a breakfast menu! I am yet to try an Indian breakfast but it sounds really interesting, serving things like sausage or bacon Naan rolls, Irani spiced scrambled egg and tomato, onion coriander and chilli omelettes.

Food is served here until 11pm from Sunday to Wednesday and until midnight on Thursday, Friday and Saturday's and their beautiful little bar, the Permit Room, is open until 3am. As Bombay cocktails are my new favourite thing, I will definitely be taking advantage of this late night bar and its chilled atmosphere. They also offer take-away but it is only available from breakfast until 5pm weekdays, perfect for a working breakfast or lunch. 

The restaurant itself takes you right back to the mid-1900's, giving you a real feel for what the Bombay café's were like. The atmosphere that the restaurant has achieved is amazing, from the decor to the music to the smell of the incense burners, it takes you to another world. I also love how there is a story behind everything, a reason for every decision. For example, the Permit Room (the bar) is named after the Bombay Prohibition Act of 1949, where there is a requirement to have a permit in order to drink alcohol.

Now for the food. With assistance from the lovely waitress and about 30 questions later, we decided to have: 

Lamb Samosas - crisp and flavoursome, they go really well with the lime and coriander dip that was put on the table.

Dishoom Chicken Tikka - Served on its own (just with a bit of coriander/cucumber). Really tasty and succulent, the chicken just fell apart, it was cooked perfectly and had quite a kick to it.

Raita - delicious, cooling yoghurt dip with coriander, cucumber, red onion and other wonderful flavours. This was suggested by the waitress and I was sceptical at first because I'm not the biggest fan of yoghurt but it was so flavoursome and it went really well with everything that we ordered.

Chicken Berry Britannia - slow-cooked chicken, layered with aromatic rice and cranberries. This dish didn't quite pack a punch like the other dishes but still had some lovely aromatic flavours and the chicken was really tender. 

Bhel - crunchy Bombay mix with rice puffs, pomegranate, tomato, onion, lime, tamarind and mint - served cold. Again, so many flavours and just so tasty.

Lamb Raan Bun - slow-cooked pulled lamb in a soft roll with pomegranate coleslaw and sali crisp-chips. The lamb itself was delicious and there was plenty of it. It was so juicy and really well flavoured. The coleslaw was also really nice. The roll was huge and the crisps were just really salty so we didn't eat either of them however the menu did warn that it was a 'feast for one' so it was our own fault for ordering too much!

Overall we really enjoyed the food at Dishoom (and the cocktails!). Everything was so flavourful and it really felt like we were eating authentic Indian food. The service was quick and all of the staff were really friendly and helpful. Considering it was pretty much full when we went at 4pm on a Monday, I would definitely recommend booking. 

T. x


Sunday, 2 April 2017

Why are hangovers so much worse once you hit 25?

Not to sound smug but my hangovers have never been that bad. I have distinct memories of girls holidays where my friends would be spend half the morning severely suffering from several nights of binge drinking in Magaluf. I would be feeling far from fighting fit but it was nothing snoozing on a sun bed and eating ice lollies wouldn't solve.  So that was my hangover at eighteen, fast forward to twenty-one and admittedly working a very busy shift at an airport based coffee house was less than ideal after a night on the tiles, but I could sort of muddle through with some help from Lucozade and a bacon roll. Even at twenty-three/twenty-four I was hungover but I could still recover fairly quickly and potentially drink a few days in a row.

I'm not going to lie here many a friend had warned me of how bad a hangover gets once you hit about twenty-five, but honestly nothing could have prepared me. It's a combination of being completely exhausted, de-hydrated, nauseous, starving and completely full all at once and not to mention the toe curling, energy draining, heart palpitation inducing mind frame of having 'the fear' about your behaviour the evening before.

So why on earth do we got so hungover? I have done a bit of research (googled) for the benefit of myself and all the rest of our readers who are on the latter end of twenty and suffering every Sunday to find out;

  • Once you hit twenty-five your body suffers from injury less and less effectively meaning whether its surgery, broken bones, the flu or the dreaded hangover. The older you get the longer you take to recover. 
  • Our livers can't filter vodka induced toxins as well as they used to. Increased alcohol consumption can cause whats known as a fatty liver (alarming title I really don't need anymore body parts getting fat), but basically this is not good and the reason we feel on the edge of death. 
  • Finally the older we get the less lean we are. Our bodies fat percentage has increased which leads to a higher blood alcohol percentage which means we get drunk more easily and subsequently much more hungover. 

I would also like to add my own theory of why I feel so awful on a hangover now I am technically an adult. When you spend an entire Sunday in bed on the brink of death feeling guilty about how unproductive you are being - you are bound to feel worse. Maybe its the responsibility of being a twenty-something year old that has doomed as to feel like we have been hit by a tonne of bricks after a night on the tiles. At the moment I only have to keep myself alive and pay some bills I can't imagine how bad my hangover is going to be when I have kids. Mums and dads I salute you!

I know that everyone has their own fail safe theory on how to cure a hangover but I think the trick is prevention and cure mixed together. Here's a few of my best tricks;

  • Take your make-up off! I know at the time it's the last thing you can be arsed doing in the morning you will be very, very grateful.
  • Try and drink a large glass of water before bed, get the rehydration started sooner rather than later.
  • Also keep water beside your bed for the middle of the night Sahara dessert mouth.
  • Coffee, ice cold water & pain-killers in the AM, and I try and eat a bit of fruit which is hard but makes me feel as though I'm nourishing my body.
  • If all else fails. Lucozade, Irn-bru, Bacon rolls and to top it off a Dominoes pizza.

Another little trick I learned from listening to the PanDolly podcast late last year is the 3 Drink Rule. If you just have three drinks throughout your evening, drinking slowly and dragging these drinks out, you will categorically not be hungover in the morning, hopefully. I have tested this theory out and I can honestly say that it does work, I have even tested it on a school night.

Bottom line, hangovers get worse as you get older, its a grim truth but personally it won't stop me enjoying cocktails on the weekend or a cheeky glass of wine in the evenings. With that in mind leave a comment with your best hangover tips and lament with me about our unfortunate future filled with awful hangovers. 

Lyndsey x

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