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Four Cleansers you need in your Skincare Collection

Cleansing is the most vital part of your daily skincare routine, FACT.

Do you need four cleansers, probably not. What I will say is that these four cleansers represent four different states of mind I may be in as a busy, glowy skin seeking but sometimes lazy twenty-five year old woman. You definitely don't need all of them but select the state of mind you relate with the most and that cleanser is the one for you.

First of all I do my absoloute best to cleanse twice a day, every day. It's one of the best ways to kick start my day and also wind me down in the evening. I tend to use a different cleanser in the AM to the PM. In the morning I just want to give myself a nice gentle cleanse, but in the evening you are removing all the grime of the day from your face and tend to need something a bit more heavy duty. So four cleansers isn't that excessive when you really think about it.

The bright eyed and bushy tailed cleanser

The Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel makes for the perfect morning cleanse. In the morning before applying make-up you want your skin to look as bright and awake as possible which is exactly why I like this cleanser. It contains pumpkin enzymes which help to deeply cleanse the pours and remove dead skin cells without being overly abrasive on the skin. It is also full of Vitamin C and E which are known to restore and protect the skin from the elements. If you have had a late night studying or drinking too much this cleanser will aid you in looking far more presentable. Your face and skin are usually what betrays you when your looking extra tired so for the very busy, or very tired Oskia is for you!

The I need an early night and to chill the hell out cleanser

Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish is a classic and I imagine this isn't the first time you have read about it. These raves are for good reason as this is one of the most consistently great cleanser I've ever used. I reach for this cleanser on evenings where I am in for the night and I really want to relax and take care of myself. With ingredients such as chamomile and rosemary it doesn't only deeply cleanse your skin but also helps you to relax and wind down for bed. It is also great for removing light make-up so it is something you could use daily if you wanted to. The consistency of the cleanser is a lovely rich cream and it is a really beautiful product for evenings when you really need to pamper yourself. 

The I am wearing all the make-up in the world and need it off my face immediately cleanser

The Clinque Take the Day off Cleansing Oil is a firm favourite of mine. This is the cleanser that I reach for the most and you can purchase it in either an oil or a balm consistency but I am definitely an oil girl as its more hygienic and I like the way it feels on my skin. This is a quick, no nonsense product that will remove any amount of make-up you have on. Waterproof mascara was the real test and it passed with flying colours! Seriously though if you often wear a full face get this cleanser it takes your make-up off in two minutes and leaves no residue whatsoever. 

The I can't be arsed taking my make-up off cleanser

Okay so admittedly this cleanser isn't used very often but it has a firm place in my bedside cabinet for emergency purposes. The Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water is a lifesaver and I am sure most of you reading this have had experience of this quick fix cleanser. I wouldn't use this everyday because lets be honest it isn't cleaning your face very well, but when I am drunk as hell it comes in very handy. All you need is some cotton pads and your sorted, with enough determination you can get almost all of your make-up off which is the most important factor here. 

The best way to ensure beautiful skin is to clean your face, it really is that simple. So whether you are double cleansing and delving into a 10 step skin care routine or grabbing the emergency micellar water after a heavy night, your looking after your skin. As my mum always says you only get one face, so take good care of it.

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  1. i love those products! I definitely want to try the Clinque Take the Day off Cleansing Oil. It's the only thing I haven't tried in your round-up xx

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