Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Making the Most of Scottish Summer with an Indoor BBQ, Good Music & Good wine

Upon our monthly TQR meeting, we decided due to the absolutely scorching weather we've been so lucky with recently - that we would treat ourselves to a mini indoor BBQ with a couple glasses of Prosecco thanks to Premier Estates Wine.  Edinburgh, as I'm sure many of you know, can be very temperamental with it's weather conditions. One minute it's 20 degree heat and you're sitting in the meadows then the next minute you're running through the Cowgate in warm torrential rain trying to find any sort of shelter. So with that in mind we congregated at my house and cooked up an absolute storm of a summery feast.

The first thing we did when we got in was start prepping all of the ingredients and of course put on some motivational music. We are all a big fan of Zoë's eclectic taste in music - her playlists include everything from Aretha Franklin and Oasis to old school One Direction. So we were all hysterical wondering what would come on next. Music is so important when your having a social gathering, and a set of wireless speakers are great as you can move them from room to room with such ease. We love the Panasonic Wireless Speakers there are so many different varieties; from multi-room speakers so you can have music playing throughout your entire house, to a smaller, water-proof speaker which is perfect for if your going on holiday this summer! They are also really compact and sleek looking which is great if you want to display them around the house. 

With our food we also enjoy some gorgeous prosecco cocktails with the Premier Estates Grand Rosé which was absolutely gorgeous. We added a touch of Chambord and some fresh raspberry's and it tasted divine, the perfect accompaniment to the BBQ style food we ate. We had a gorgeous spread of chicken, halloumi and veg skewers, corn on the cob, pomegranate, mint and feta salad, green beans, guacamole and couscous. We are going to include the recipes bellow, so if you are feeling inspired to have your own indoor BBQ then please tag us in some pictures as we would love to see!

Chicken & Halloumi Skewers


Chicken Breasts
Red Onion
Mixed Peppers
Mango (if you're feeling adventurous)


1. Chop up all the ingredients into chunk size pieces.

2. Wet the skewers to avoid them burning in the oven.

3. Put the ingredients onto the skewers.

4. Drizzle olive oil, salt and pepper with a spice of your choice (before the mango) and put in a pre-heated oven at 190 (fan) for 20 mins.

Mint, Feta & Pomegranate Salad


Rocket, Spinach and Peppery Salad.
Fresh Mint Leaves


1. Wash the salad and mix it together in a large bowl.

2. Add in the mint leaves, chopped feta and pomegranate.

3. Season with salt and pepper then add a touch of dressing for flavour.

Green Bean Salad


Great beans
Salad dressing:
We used a mix of herbs/spices, Olive oil
and white wine vinegar but any dressing you like will do.


1. Boil the green beans in a pan for about 4/5 minutes.

2. Put them into a bowl of iced water until chilled.

3. Add the dressing, simple but delicious.



2 Ripe Avocados
1 Tomato
1 Red Onion
1/2 of a Lime


1. Slice and then mash up the avocado into a bowl

2. Chop the red onion and tomato into small chunks and add in.

3. Season with salt and pepper and add in the lime juice.

4. Chop up the coriander losely and add on the top. 

5. Mix together and serve!


Monday, 17 July 2017

Bridesmaid Duties

My sister is getting married and I am sooo excited. One of my main duties as chief bridesmaid/maid of honour is of course planning the Hen-do. I am only just beginning my research into this but I can already tell that it will most likely be an absolute nightmare to organise. So, if you have ever planned/helped to plan a hen then I would be grateful for any helpful tips/suggestions. And once I have been and done my sisters hen, I will be sure to do a post with a few of my own helpful suggestions.

We've just had our bridesmaid dress fitting/trying on which went really well so I thought I would share a few of my bridesmaid ideas with you that you can do on the lead up to the wedding!

So for the trying on of the bridesmaid outfits, we thought we would make a little day out of it, because why not? You only get married once (hopefully) so its an excuse to make every little wedding related thing into an event. At least thats how my sister sees it... to be honest I think she is planning a 5 day wedding, I really wouldn't put it past her. So anyway, trying on a few dresses turned into a lovely girly brunch with all the bridesmaids. My sister ordered the dresses online so everyone came to the house to try them on. We made the front room all cozy, had a couple of mirrors about the place so it felt like a changing room, Prosecco obviously, mimosas, homemade waffles with a platter of fruit and toppings, chatted all things wedding and had a really lovely time.

We also went to the wedding fair in Glasgow at the start of the year which was amazing. We went around all the stalls to look for inspiration, booked one of the bands that was there, had some delish cocktails and we also had tickets to the runway show which was so nice to see. Again this was a fab day out with the girls, I even made some cute personalised totes for everyone seen as my sister is a 'no tacky willy straws' kinda gal.

When it comes to the hen-do, seen as 'Jinzo's Hen 2K18' t-shirts and a £2.00 Party Land Veil is off limits, I have been trying to think of some fun ideas that don't need to involve willy themed items or anything that costs £37925481. We talked about whether it's better to have one trip for the younger friends and a different, more relaxed one for the 'older' family members... but then your mum is in denial that she's a day over 25 and refuses to miss the fun one so your just as well having one big trip away with everyone.

Having a Spa day is a definitely a top contender for me and something that everyone can enjoy, but if you make it into a spa day/night with dinner then it can easily add up to the same amount you would pay for a 3/4 night stay abroad. So instead, I thought that a really nice idea is to go away with your gals, get a nice villa with a pool and on one of the nights you could do your own spa/relax night. Get a bunch of face masks - the 7th Heaven ones are perfect for this and they have different kinds of masks for different skin types.  There is something for everyone and they are so easy, no nonsense, very reasonably priced and cruelty free. They also have a range of hair masks and a Spa Range including hand and foot treatments for those who don't want anything on their face. So grab a bunch of different masks, maybe some personalised spa head-bands for your hens, a couple of bottles of Prosecco and thats the entertainment for one night sorted.

Another nice idea that everyone can enjoy in this setting is having a cocktail night in the villa. Pick a few popular cocktail and mocktail recipes, get the ingredients and have a go. This is something else that everyone can join in on and have a go at, its easy, doesn't have to be expensive, certainly cheaper than buying cocktails out anyway, get some music on and you can have a night out, in. Its even in keeping with my sister - its not tacky at all... but then again whats a cocktail on a hen-do without a willy straw?

Toni x


Tuesday, 11 July 2017

How We Run The Quiet Resolution as a Small Team

As a team of three bloggers one of the most frequently asked questions we get is: how do you organise yourself? Everybody wants to know how the day to day running of The Quiet Resolution works. There aren't many other people doing what we do in regards to blogging and there are always three minds and three opinions in the mix. Admittedly it isn't easy but after a full year of blogging we have managed to work it out so that TQR runs like a fairly well oiled machine. Let us give you a little bit of insight in delegating responsibility, compromise, championing one another and sharing the perks of the job.

The first and probably most important point to consider before going into any kind of business with others is do we have the same goal, are we on the same page? This sounds obvious but it is vitally important. 

For us, success is what we hope to achieve with TQR. So long as we aren't going backwards we are happy, and anything more is just amazing. We still get so surprised and excited at each new opportunity we are presented with and each new step-up we take. As we are The Quiet Resolution (which to us means setting and achieving smaller but more obtainable daily goals), our goals for the blog run a bit like this too. Rather than imagining where we want to be in a few years time, we take each day as it comes, setting shorter term goals, for example, gaining however many followers within the next month. We have found that this really works to motivate us. It also really helps that the three of us are so similar to each other in many ways. For a start, we are all very hardworking people. We all know that you have to put in the work in order to get something back. Also, having high standards is probably one of the biggest and most important similarities that we share. We can get a bit carried away with this but on the most part we just keep each other on our toes and push each other towards that next goal.

People also often ask us how we decide who gets to keep the samples or who
gets to go to events. The answer is really simple, we compromise and share. We have never had one argument about gifts or opportunities as we always strive to be fair and play to our strengths. When we receive e-mails about different projects we always discuss them thoroughly and come up with an idea together, then we decide who the best person is to take it on. We have also been very lucky in receiving three samples at times or three invitations to a party or event.

The number one essential element that helps us to work together is the group chat. There isn't a day that goes by when we don't use the group chat. Be it to set a date for an event, discuss the emails, criticise (constructively of course...) and/or compliment each others work or even just for a completely irrelevant screenshot of something that one of us just finds hilarious. It is important to mention that although we are critical of each other and really mediate each others work to make sure that we can maintain a high standard, we also really support one another and are so proud of each others achievements. We don't treat the blog as three different people writing for themselves, we care about each others work as much as we care about our own. Everything is very much so all for one. We also phone each other about 27493837 times a day, so its just the constant communication we keep with each other that helps things to run smoothly and prevents the majority of potential disagreements from happening in the first place. 

When we manage to squeeze in a few hours to meet up and chat blog we always make sure we have every single important blog date written in our diaries. Busy B were kind enough to send us some super sweet products from their Fashion range and we split that between us and spent an entire evening plotting out our moves for the next few months. Desk calendars, diaries and pretty to-do lists are part of the organisation tool kit we need to keep TQR running efficiently. 

Blogging is such hard work and amongst the hundreds of other tasks you have to do in a day adding an extra hobby in to the mix can be daunting. That is the reason we decided to blog as a team and it works swimmingly for us. We started this project first and foremost as friends and we've grown together and stronger every day by pursuing something we've been lucky enough to start calling a job.You have two other people to lift you on the hard days and you produce the best ideas and best content as three heads are always better than one.


Thursday, 6 July 2017


Lake Lucerne

As you may have seen on our Instagram story, I recently went on a trip to Switzerland. I can honestly say that out of all the places I have travelled to, Switzerland is definitely my favourite. There are quite a few reasons for this, all of which make me want to live there. I genuinely feel like it’s a place that I could call home.

At first when people hear me say that I am going/have been to Switzerland, they seem a little confused as it’s not really an obvious or typical place to visit. My main reason for going is because my Godparents live there, they have always been a big part of my life and I love getting to spend time with them. This was actually my 4th time traveling to Switzerland and each time I have just loved and appreciated it even more than the last. Although it isn’t really seen as a holiday destination here in the UK it is such a beautiful country and has so much to offer! 

Amazing things to do while in Switzerland:

1. Swiss Museum of Transport - this has to be the most exciting and interesting museum you will ever go to. You should go to Switzerland purely to see this museum. There is so much to interact with and explore, you could spend days here and still not have seen and done everything that it has to offer. The exhibitions are incredible, many of which are world exclusives. The technology and creativity is so advanced, I honestly can’t recommend this experience enough.
Swiss Museum of Transport - 'Road transport building'
2. Go up the mountains! There are so many to pick from but my favourites are; the Stanserhorn - you can go up in the worlds first open-top cablecar and Mount Pilatus which has the steepest cog-railway (train) going up it that you could imagine. Another must see is of course the famous Toblerone Mountain - the Matterhorn. All of which have absolutely breathtaking views that you just can't experience anywhere else.

Open-top cable car (Cabrio)

3. Sunset Cruise on Lake Lucerne. A couple of hours of beautiful scenery accompanied by a delicious meal on either a modern yacht-style boat or a paddle steamer, ending perfectly as the sun sets.

Yacht-style boat

Paddle steamer boat

These things (other than the Toblerone mountain) are all based around the beautiful city of Lucerne so this is a great, central area to stay in. The City itself has a lot of culture and tradition, there is a real history to some of the buildings and it is also a great area for shopping, from luxury to high street brands.

Chapel Bridge - Lucerne

Lake Lucerne during sunset cruise

As a country, Switzerland is similar in ways to Scotland. The weather is just as unpredictable, maybe with slightly less rain and a bit more heat, but like us it's not unusual for them to get snow in April. The surroundings are similar, towns and cities contained in main areas with a lot of greenery in between them. The way in which the country is run on a day to day basis however, I feel is very different from here. Everything is very clean and slick. 

The technology and medical advances are far more developed than they are here. They even have a tunnel (they have a lot of tunnels because of all the mountains) but this one doubles up as the worlds largest nuclear shelter. The tunnel is designed to transform into a space that can house tens of thousands of people and protect them in the case of an emergency or nuclear war, it has its own hospital and everything.

The public transport system is also run implicitly well. It all connects with one another, from trains to busses to boats and even the cable-cars match up in terms of their timetables. Travel is a huge part of the culture in Switzerland and it seems as though this sets a president for how people live their lives. Everything is very organised and precise. Unlike here where plans that have been made can change a hundred times before they actually happen, there seems to be no room for generalising or spontaneity in Switzerland, 11.00am means exactly that.

Also the food, a lot of it is locally and seasonally produced, there seems to be far fewer international brands dominating the shops. Fresh produce seems to be available directly from farmers and there is always fresh baking wherever you go, pastries and bread. OMG the bread. WHY DO WE NOT HAVE FRESH BREAD HERE?! Getting up in the morning and walking three minutes to the bakery is how I want to start every day of my life. And I'm sorry but the supermarket ‘bakery counters’ here just don't cut it for me. In my local Sainsbury’s for example, yes you can get bread which has been baked that morning, but it’s just not the same. I don't know if anyone else gets this but I feel like it literally tastes like Sainsbury’s, like that smell you get when you walk in the door. And it’s not that delicious fresh baking smell that you get in a real bakery. I have actually heard that supermarkets here spray a ‘fresh baking’ scent in the stores (I don’t know if thats true or not so if anyone has any insight on this then i’d love to hear) so maybe that’s what I'm smelling/tasting? Anyway, the point is that the bread in Switzerland is delicious and I need more of it in my life. Enough of this pre-sliced stuff in a plastic bag.

Sunset in Zug

Of course, all of this comes at a price. Naturally the high quality and standards practiced throughout the country is going to mean that it will be a bit pricy compared to what we are used to but I honestly believe that it is worth it. It is a beautiful country with friendly and welcoming people, and I just want to live there.

If any of you have been to Switzerland I would love to hear what your thoughts are, or if you haven't then do you think it’s a place you would consider visiting?

T. x 


Tuesday, 4 July 2017

The Best of Netflix Spring/Summer 2017

All three of us are huge Netflix fans and we constantly recommend different documentaries, films and series to each other to binge on. As we're sure you know it can be such a minefield out there with so many options available. At least once a week our Facebook feed is filled with people searching and asking for recommendations so we thought it would be great for us to share what we're currently loving on Netflix and leave the comments open for more mini reviews and recommendations. We hope it's of some help!

Lyndsey's Netflix Picks


Orange is the New Black has been a favourite of mine since it first burst on to Netflix with rave reviews. It definitely has it's ups and downs with some seasons being stronger than others but let me tell you season 5 is AMAZING. I sat down on a rare day off at around 10am and I binged watched the entire season. This season is set over around 48 hours during a prison riot in Lichfield and this premise just creates such an intense, high energy atmosphere. I couldn't turn it off and it was comparable to me reading the latest Harry Potter as a kid. If you like hilarious, sometimes racy, often shocking and really intelligent TV with a strong mostly female cast OITNB is 100% for you.

Guilty Pleasure

Ru Paul's Drag Race is not just a guilty pleasure but also the only series that I will watch over and over without getting bored. Drag queens, drama, Michelle Visage & lip syncing; really, what more could you want? Apart from the fact it's super entertaining, the queens on the show are super creative and talented. It's amazing some of the looks they pull out of the bag. If you have never watched before start with season 5 and you won't be sorry.


Clueless. A total cult classic has been a favourite of mine since I was about 9 and I first saw the best chick flick ever! I fell in love with Cher and Dionne and would quote them at school on a daily basis and nobody had a clue what I was on about #clueless! The costume design is incredible and between Brittany Murphy and Alicia Silverstone you will have a brand new 90's girl crush. If you like Mean Girls with its witty scripting and hilarious cast you will love Clueless.


Secrets of Selfridges seems like a strange choice but honestly it is fantastic and super interesting. I feel in love with the story of Selfridges watching TV programme Mr Selfridge on ITV earlier. The story of the American entrepreneur who had it all then lost it all is sad and uplifting in equal measures. The entire 'Secrets of..' series is fantastic and great Sunday night viewing.

Toni's Netflix Picks


You Me Her is a bit like a rom-com but in a series...basically a married couple try to get out of their boring rut by having a threesome. Obviously it isn't as simple as that and in this case they end up in a 3-way relationship. Series two has just been released and I am so excited to see what happens!

Guilty Pleasure

For me it has to be Pretty Little Liars. To be fair I did start watching this when I was 16 and I absolutely loved it, couldn't put it down. I have to say that as the series have gone on I haven't been quite as enthralled with it as its a little bit samey but they know how to keep you watching with all the unanswered questions and twists along the way. Final EVER episode is out on the 28th of June and I soo hope it's the end that I have been waiting for.


Ugh so many, Ant Man has been put up recently which is hilarious. It stars Paul Rudd who plays a very witty ex-con who is trying to cut his bad/illegal habits so he can build a relationship with his daughter. Of course he manages to get himself back into trouble and ends up getting his hands on a shrink-suit. This new addition to the universe of Marvel is funny and clever with a few little surprises in there to keep you on edge. 


Anything David Attenborough - Africa, Life, Planet Earth, The Hunt. All exceptionally and equally beautiful. They are by far the most interesting documentaries I have ever seen, you will learn so much from watching any of them! Most of the time I cannot believe what I am seeing/hearing, they are just such a treat to watch. 

Zoë's Netflix Picks


For me, it just HAS to be House of Cards. Let me apologise for being late to the party but i'm writing this with only one episode left and can't believe that so much believable drama happens in the White House. From hidden murders, corruption, fake news and everything in-between this is a series I can only urge you to watch and keep going. It just gets better and better and grips you on each episode. Please do be careful when watching as your'e very likely going to binge watch.

Guilty Pleasure 

Riverdale. I can already feel your judging eyes and sigh as you read but I literally couldn't get enough of it. Sorry in advance to Toni but i'll happily admit to binge watching it at Toni's flat after uni when people thought we were doing group work. IT'S SO ADDICTIVE. Yes, the story line is totally ridiculous, yes, it's unrealistic and would never happen but there's definitely that tiny bit in all of us that thinks 'what if'.


The Big Short. So this one is all about the lead upto the economic crash in New York. The cast is solid gold with Ryan Gosling, Brad Pitt, Steve Carell and Christian Bale with every fresh face in Hollywood. It's based on a true story and as it unfolds it makes you understand how it happened and why so is actually surprisingly informative too. It's Oscar winning and honestly just a genuinely really really good film.


If it counts, The people V.S OJ Simpson. I know it's not really classed as a documentary because it was dramatised but it in a style that made it feel like it. From start to finish its amazing. It looks into every tiny detail and one episode you'll be thinking he didn't do it then the next your'e feeling disappointed in yourself because how could you NOT think he did it. It's a tough one to try explain but i'm sure you've read and heard everywhere it's totally eye opening to multiple issues including gender, equality and race during a pinnacle time in American history.


Sunday, 2 July 2017

Sunday Chatroom: Rowan Milne - Hairdresser & Owner of Row 66

Let's just start by saying Row 66 is one of the prettiest salons I've ever been into. When I sat down to talk to the lovely Rowan (Hairdresser, law graduate, business owner and all round #girlboss) I felt totally at home. Rowan is an amazingly skilled hairdresser who specialises in extensions and is also professionally trained in LVL lashes. I went into the salon a few weeks ago to try out the fantastic LVL lashes and had a chat meet Rowan personally to talk everything from lashes to starting up your own business. 

After studying Business and Law in Edinburgh, Rowan knew she didn't want to move home to Aberdeen despite many of her friends moving home after graduating. She felt a bond with Edinburgh and knew it was the place she wanted to set up not only her home, but her business too.

'I love the vibe of Edinburgh, there is always somewhere great to go for a cocktail and the little boutiques and independent shops are amazing. Edinburgh is a really beautiful city and I really couldn't see myself anywhere else at the minute'

'I would definitely describe myself as a creative person I was really into Art at school. Whilst at Uni I did hair extensions on the side for extra money and fell in love with having such a fun and creative outlet for me. That's really where I found my passion for hairdressing and extensions and realised that's what I really wanted to pursue'

 Rowan has an insanely good reputation in Edinburgh for her extensions service and from her Facebook page it's easy to see from the raving 5 star reviews and glowing reputation, I knew she was the go-to girl for fabulous hair.  

A common subject when talking to young business owners is that grafting and working hard is the only way to get to where you want to be. Rowan is no different. She went from mobile hairdressing to then renting a chair in salons in various parts around Edinburgh she finally settled in Stockbridge after falling in love with the area and decided this is where she would set-up shop. What I found most impressive about Rowan is that she set her shop up with no help but her DIY savvy fiancé.

'I was in Ibiza when I first saw the shop and my boyfriend was there working away and sending me photos. I was in Amnesia and he was painting the walls. When I finally saw it, it was a huge transformation because the shop was just an office before. It really was hard work to get it how I wanted it but it was so worth it'.

Rowan isn't just a skilled and creative hairdresser she is also a really warm, genuinely friendly and super intelligent woman.

'My law degree has been completely invaluable in helping me build my business up. Some people really underestimate me and treat me as silly hairdresser; maybe because I am smaller and look a little younger than I am. There is a bit of a stereotype with being a hairdresser, people will try and take advantage but they are pretty shocked when I've recited law to them when they have tried anything'. 

From re-writing contracts to working 7 days a week Rowan is a forced to be reckoned with. She trained with Great Lengths and describes these courses as fundamental in educating her in hair extensions. 

'Great Lengths are a fantastic company and I think it is so important to make sure you keep up with training and learning. Training other hairdressers is definitely something I would love to go into in the future too. It's so important that you learn how to assess your clients eye shape or hair type in order to provide them with the best results you can. Some clients want the longest lashes with the biggest curl but if their brow bone doesn't allow for that then it can't be done. I prefer a more natural look but it isn't always what your client wants. A conversation to manage clients expectations before is so important so you get the best results'. 

Rowan has the most glossy long, dark hair that looks in perfect condition. She has been wearing extensions since she was eighteen and feels like it's now part of her identity.

'I cut my hair really short when I was about fourteen and I hated it. Ever since then I have had really long hair. Hair is really important to people I think it gives you a lot of confidence when you know it is at it's best. I  love seeing the transformation when I do extensions, especially with people who have issues with hair. The difference it can make to their lives is amazing, and I love knowing I have made someone feel great about themselves'. 

To finish my amazing and inspiring chat with Rowan I asked her what the most important thing she had learnt setting up her own business.

'It is really important in life to stay positive as things aren't always easy. You need to be quite resilient and you need to truly believe you can achieve the goals you have set out for yourself. This is not the end of what I want to achieve and I think it's really important to have clear goals to keep working towards and to always keep striving for more. Things will inevitably in any business get you down at times but it's all about picking yourself up and carrying out despite everything'.

I was lucky enough to have LVL lashes done by Rowan herself and honestly I can't recommend them more. I think you can see yourself from the photo that they really make such a difference especially as I am so fair. I had these done around a month ago and they still look fantastic. It saves me so much time in the morning when I'm working super early. My eyes are really sensitive and you need to keep your eye closed the entire time which can be difficult but Rowan was very understanding and reassured me despite my watery eyes I would get an amazing result on my lashes. 

The LVL lash lift takes around an hour and a half which I loved because I just got to relax and chat to Rowan. The lift lasts from 6 to 8 weeks with great aftercare. Rowan is super informative and made sure I was well equipped to get the best out of my lashes. I would advise keeping your lashes dry for as long as possible afterwards, I avoided water around my eyes for just over two days and my lashes have lasted beautifully. If you are looking for an amazing salon in Edinburgh or the Stockbridge area that offers a variety of amazing services look no further than Row 66!

You can find Rowan at;

66 Henderson Row
EH3 5 BJ
0131 629 3939   

I would recommend to everyone that is planning on getting LVL lashes to ask to see a technicians certification and to look out for cheaper services - anything cheaper than £35 is guaranteed not to be the real deal. There's lots more info on LVL here

L x

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