Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Easy & Delicious Halloween Ghost Truffles

Okay, so here I am again helping out all the novice bakers out there. My Easter Traybake Recipe that I posted back in April went down really well and I wanted to offer you all something as easy and delicious for Halloween. I met up with the lovely Rachel from Hooray Cakes who we interviewed for Sunday Chatroom early in the month and she showed me how to make these amazing truffles.

This recipe could not be easier, so if you are doing a little Halloween party or just want a themed treat to enjoy for the scary season then look no further. The recipe is super basic and takes no time to throw together, again please let us know if you decide to try these beauties out for yourself!

Makes about 20 


Bowls and piping bag (Poundland sells these)


160g crunchy peanut butter 
250g crushed digestive
200g tinned caramel

To Decorate
200g white chocolate 
30g dark chocolate

1. Mix biscuits, caramel and peanut butter.

2. Using hands form into balls (around the size of a Brussels sprout!)

3. Place in freezer for 15 minutes (don't skip! This will help the chocolate set)

4. Melt white chocolate 

5. Dip each truffle in white chocolate and set aside.

6. Once set, melt dark chocolate and put into the piping bag. Snip the end of the piping bag off but keep the hole small as it's for fine detail. Pipe a little ghost face.

7. Enjoy!

You can find Rachel at;

Facebook - Hooray UK
Instagram - @hoorayuk

L x


Sunday, 15 October 2017

Sunday Chatroom Rachel Wales - Hooray Cakes!

I can't bake to save my life but it's a skill I desperately wish I had. I watch the fantastic Great British Bake Off and always feel envious of the baker's talent, artistic flair and most importantly patience. Instagram is a haven of amazing baking and cooking, and I find myself mesmerised by the unbelievable creations. 

I sat down with lovely Rachel of Hooray Cakes, a Musselburgh based baker and event styler who has put together the most gorgeous afternoon tea for us to enjoy while we chat. You could not find a better host. To be honest, Rachel is the kind of girl who could pull off a themed dinner party for 10 in under 2 hours notice, there seems to be nothing she can't turn her hand to. Rachel's flat itself is absolutely gorgeous (I'll insert some pictures below) and I honestly spent a good fraction of our afternoon together pointing at things in her house and asking - where did you get that? The best thing about her beautiful home is how thriftily she has done it up. She begins to tell me all the crafting and DIY she has been up to in order to get the beautiful space looking so great. The girl is beyond creative and makes all the upcycling and styling she does look so easy - and I am positive it is not.

So on to the best bit of Hooray Cakes, the cake! Rachel started the business back in 2011 after picking up some tips from a friend and soon became the go-to girl for anything sweet and delicious when celebrating. Hooray Cakes does everything from birthdays, weddings, festively themed delights and the lightest, most delicious cupcakes I have ever tasted, the perfect weekend treat. I ask her where she got her baking talents from, expecting her to tell me of her mum or grandma's love for baking, but it's something she has learnt and perfected herself over the years. 

Rachel tells me about her tried and true vanilla sponge recipe which she has practised and has now perfected. If you are in the Musselburgh area Rachel often sells the cupcakes in the most decadent and delicious flavours at the local market.

 We also talk wedding cakes and why people insist on having the traditional but very unappetising fruitcake as part of the cake. We agree that she should just take the fruitcake off her menu altogether. She shares the secrets of prop cakes and how to cut costs, you can have the most decadent cardboard cake that looks incredible and that it is way more common than you think. 

Not only does Rachel make the most delicious and beautiful looking cakes I have ever seen but she also has all of the loveliest equipment, boxes, bags, ribbons and thrills to go with them. When I ask her where she orders all this from, I can't believe it when she tells me it's a mix of Home Bargains and eBay. Rachel is the kind of person that finds beautiful, vintage furniture in charity shops and all of her tea sets and cake stands are a mix of bargains and gifts that she has collected along the way. 

Hooray Cakes is an amazing passion project that Rachel runs by herself between working full-time, volunteering and a host of other activities. The amount this girl gets done in a day makes me dizzy, I don't know how she isn't exhausted by the end of the week. I think a lot of the time we are put off trying something or giving a business idea a go because we don't think we have the money or resources. Rachel is the perfect example of how imagination and a great work ethic is all you need to do what you love. The intricate detail and creativity she puts into all of her work is so admirable and inspirational. When celebrating a special occasion, attention to detail is so important and Rachel has that one amazing talent of knowing just how to add the finishing touches. 

You can find Rachel at;

Facebook - Hooray UK
Instagram - @hoorayuk

L x


Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Meeting Mr Christmas

At the John Lewis Christmas shop opening and Gifting showcase in Edinburgh, we were lucky enough to meet the lovely Dan Cooper, also known as Mr Christmas. He is the man who travels the world finding all the beautiful Christmas decorations to sell in John Lewis. From Christmas trees to wreaths to personalised wrapping paper, this man brings it all to the shop floor.

This year, Dan has designed 7 stunning and brand new Christmas tree themes which you can find on the John Lewis website. Even though he admitted that the idea of a themed tree is very hard to maintain when you have young children in your family bringing lovely handmade decorations home with them, they are definitely a beautiful starting point. Dan also recommends that if you want a beautiful tree, you should have 100 bulbs per metre of tree. I mean for him, having three trees in his house, adding up to a total of 34 metres, that is A LOT of lighting... I would hate to see that electricity bill. Another exciting feature at John Lewis this year is personalised gifts such as Santa sacks, baubles, wrapping paper and even sweeties. I know it's October but I am already so excited! 

After being with John Lewis for 22 years, Dan knows exactly what he's doing. In fact, he told us that he is just about finished shopping for next years Christmas collection. I don't want to spark any false hope but I may have picked up on a little hint that a certain man in a red suit may be coming to stores next year (finger crossed that actually happens).

Also at the John Lewis Christmas shop opening, we were introduced to the brand new (and absolutely delicious) Edinburgh Gin, Pomegranate & Rose Liqueur which is on sale now, exclusively at John Lewis. This delight is a must try, especially when topped up with Prosecco!

Although Dan has bought many of the decorations from different countries around the world, he told us that he is always looking out for locally made decorations. So if you know anyone or anywhere that makes Christmas decorations here in Scotland, you should definitely get in touch with him.

Toni x


Tuesday, 10 October 2017

The Ultimate Luxury Advent Calendars of 2017

As a dedicated fan of the YouTube world, alternative and usually pretty luxury advent calendars have been on my radar for a few years now. I watched enviously as Zoella opened her multiple calendars on Vlogmas and receive an array of deliciously decadent treats from leading beauty brands. Personally, as a student, I could barely afford Christmas presents nevermind a £150 advent calendar, but this year I have decided to do a bit of research and find the best and brightest calendars on the market. I am willing to treat myself to one of these beauties as an early Christmas present to myself  (my birthday is in December, so I definitely deserve it). As if the December countdown to Christmas isn't exciting enough, here is some luxury advent goodness to make it even better!

The Ultimate Splurge

This advent calendar is a very generous Christmas present in itself. The Diptyque calendar costs an eye-watering £300, but it is worth so much more and would literally mean you were sorted for all things scented for the entire year. If you are feeling particularly spendy and love an exquisite, look no further than http://www.diptyqueparis.co.uk/. Available from November.
One for the Stationary Addict 

My obsession with Kikki.K knows no end, and when I came across their advent calendar I was mesmerised. The offerings for each day of December are a mix of beautiful gold trinkets, notepads and everything to make your workspace look like a Pinterest dream. The Kikki. K calendar is available now at Selfridges for £90.

The Classic Beauty Advent Calendar

The Body Shop calendar was one of the first of this kind I ever came across. For me, this is an absolute fail-safe. These guys know what they are doing, the products are amazing and you get the perfect mix of; make-up, bath treats, body products and scent. This year The Body Shop has four different calendars at different price points, so there is something for everything. Prices start at £45.

Traditional Chocolate

As much as I love all the fancy advent calendar, sometimes nothing can beat a really nice chocolate every morning for a month. If you really deserve a sweet treat this year then just go all out and select one of the amazing Hotel Chocolat calendars. Prices start at £12.50.

Prosecco Every Day of December - Perfection!

Who doesn't like Prosecco? Could this calendar get any more sparkly and festive, if there is one thing that will get you hyped for Christmas it is this! Treat yourself to 25 different bubbly's and kick off December the best way you can! Available here for £130, order now to avoid disappointment.

The Beauty Powerhouse

This calendar may be my favourite, Estee Lauder is the parent brand of so many of the best beauty brands out there. The fact they have put together a collaborative calendar has thrilled me to pieces. They seem to have pulled together all of the best products across the company, I think I will have to very controlled not to rip into the whole thing on day one! There are only 1000 calendars available for £125 so keep your eyes on http://www.esteelauder.co.uk/.

The Cost Effective Option

Last year my friend bagged the amazing Marks & Spencers calendar and was met with a whole selection of amazing beauty treats. M&S have a fantastic beauty hall that I think is grossly underrated, so I was completely thrilled when I learned their fantastic deal was back on again this year. When you spend £35 on clothing or home you get the £250 calendar for only £35. It seems like the best deal for a luxury beauty calendar! It will be in store from November the 9th but be fast because I am sure it will sell out as quickly as last year!

The Beauty Budget One

Undoubtedly one of the best priced and full of amazing goodies QVC are serving you a great deal as usual. With items from Pixi, Becca and Caudalie the £40 price tag seems beyond worth it! This calendar is on sale from the 23rd of October on the QVC Website. Definitely on my shortlist!

The Best of the Department Stores

If you are looking for luxe then look no further Liberty has you covered! With some of the most luxurious brands included in the calendar such as Diptyque, Byredo, Le Labo and Omoroviczsa. If you are a big beauty lover and usually spend a lot of money on products then you have to go with Liberty! The calendar is available from Liberty London Website from the 25th of October!
The Foodie Calendar

When I was last in London I visited the fabulous Carluccio's and was blown away by everything from the decor to the mouth-watering Italian food. This year they have put together the ultimate foodie calendar, do indulge all amateur chefs out there. Treats behind the doors include limoncello chocolates, truffle butter, aged balsamic vinegar, torrone pieces and porcini oil. Available now at £75 from the Carluccio's Website.

The one for Young Make-Up Lovers

Last year Toni had the Benefit advent calendar and although it only has 12 days worth of gifts in it, she absolutely loved it. Each day you get a new, mini addition to your makeup bag which is a real treat when you are working to meet Uni deadlines and have exams coming up. This one is great for students who need a little pick me up to get through the last two weeks in the run up to Christmas. This will be available on the Benefit website from the 12th of October! 

If you are on a little bit more a budget there are some amazing calendars available from ASOS, NYXPrimark & Superdrug.

L x


Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Reilly Denholm - The Only Hairdresser you need in Edinburgh

Does anyone else have a slightly irrational fear of the hairdresser? Us too, because there really is nothing worse than having your crowning glory cut or coloured badly. Finding a hairdresser in a new city, who is talented, honest and a great listener is near impossible. You want a stylist who is experienced but also will tell you when a fringe is really not going to work for you. That is where the amazing Reilly Denholm steps in.

Reilly Denholm launched in Edinburgh in August, I (Lyndsey) was lucky enough to have my hair cut and coloured just before their fabulous launch party. The owners Archie and Josh have opened an effortless, cool salon that caters to the tastes of both men and women. The salon which is on Salamander Street in Leith, has a seemless mix of chic and industrial decor that adds to the overall 5 star experience. Whether you are booked in with either Josh or Sam you are in amazing hands.

Since my initial appointment, all three of us have been in again for blow-drys, cut's and colours. Reilly Denholm has quickly become our go-to hairdresser in Edinburgh.

'I had been using the same hairdresser for about five years and when she moved to Canada, I left it nearly two years to get my hair done. The minute I walked into the beautiful Salamander Street salon I was blown away and complimenting the owners on the gorgeous and cool interiors. My stylist Sam and I had an amazing consultation and I feel like she completely understood what I wanted. I was absolutely thrilled with my hair when I left the salon and received thousands of compliments on my swishy new do. When I went back for my follow up hair cut, my hair was noticeably in much better condition. All the love for the entire team at Reilly Denholm! ' - Lyndsey 

'This is literally the best hairdressers I've ever been to. There was no awkward hairdresser chat, no silent fear whist the hairdresser chops off too much or convinces you 'i'ts going to be amazing' even though you specifically said you don't want whatever style they're pushing. Josh cut my hair and I have never felt so comfortable whilst someone re-styled my hair.  I'm one of those people that has a terrifying hairdresser story and can't ever trust again. But finally Josh got rid of that fear. His experience and advice is unbelievable and makes you feel AMAZING when you leave. I found my perfect hairstyle and perfect hairdresser who I want to be my new best friend.' - Zoë
'For the first time in 4 years I pulled up the courage to get my hair cut. The last time I went to a hairdresser I had full on bangs #ragrets but the fact that there has been no sign of them for about 3 years tells you that this haircut had been a long time coming. I saw what a beautiful job Reilly Denholm did of Lyndsey's hair and I instantly wanted mine done too. I felt so comfortable in Sam's hands and I even told her that she could cut off more than what she had suggested which is really big for me. Usually I would laugh when the hairdresser recommends booking an appointment in 6-8 weeks time, but I was like see you then! Even that feels like a long time, I'm ready to go back now and its only been about 3 weeks. My hair has never looked or felt more healthy than it did after having it cut here.' - Toni


Monday, 2 October 2017

TQR Update September 2017


As you might have noticed we have been a little MIA over the last few weeks, especially over here on the blog. So we thought we would take this opportunity to chat to you about everything that has been keeping us busy over the last few months, and what the next few months is looking like for the TQR team!

First and foremost we have all just entered the dreaded fourth year of our degree in PR & Media - which means dissertation. We are all naturally having a daily panic about this, but the lack of blog posts has been mostly as a result of the added pressure of fourth year. Don't worry though we are using our little break to be as productive as possible, and keep The Quiet Resolution updated. A lot of the time the best place to keep in touch with us and what we are up to is probably on Instagram!

We have also been at lots of lovely events. We are so lucky to be invited to some absolutely fabulous events in and around Edinburgh. Some of the highlights of the past few months have to be heading down to Manchester with Vapiano to check out their amazing restaurant in preparation for it opening in Edinburgh. The food was delicious, fresh and I can't wait to indulge in December. The Principal Hotel Launch that was like a big blogger reunion and one of the most glam parties we have ever attended and the best night of our year so far with the best grilled cheese at 1am that was very welcome. We also loved the first Scottish Blogger Collective Workshop at eteaket with the lovely Laura from Leopold & Frida, and the inspiring Erica the owner of eteaket. During the festival we were also invited to a number of fab events including Dram & Smoke and some really fun shows. We have always thought that this event looked amazing with their rustic camping style food, live music and of course cocktails. It certainly did not disappoint, it's definitely going on our festival must do's for next year! Heverlee at New Waverly was another amazing festival pop-up event. With food by The Pitt, live art and a tasty new beer by Heverlee, it was a great night during the festival with a perfect location at the Arches.  We also got to attend the Baby Driver film premiere with RBS which was another great highlight we were lucky enough to be a part of.

We were honoured to be nominated for an ION Breakthrough Award in which we made it down to the final three in our category and feel so humbled to have had the oppurtunity to be involved. It was held at the stunning Dunstane House with cocktails curtesy of Pickerings Gin, amazing company and the tastiest treats. We got to meet some pretty cool people and businesses who we are looking forward to working with soon!

We have had such an amazing year so far with The Quiet Resolution, and are so appreciative of everyone who has followed and supported us!

Lyndsey, Toni & Zoë x

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