Thursday, 18 January 2018

The Restoration Yard

The glorious Restoration Yard is in Dalkeith just outside of Edinburgh and is the perfect place to blow away those January blues. It's the kind of place you can LITERALLY do it all. There's an amazing wellness lab which offers regular classes including yoga and pilates. There's what I can only describe as my dreams all coming together in the form of a country shop/cafe/restaurant/mini continental food shop and interiors floor and thats just the beginning. 

Shall we start off by just admiring the absolute beauty of this building? 

I was invited along to try out their restaurant and have a proper nosey at all their new bits and bobs around the shop. I couldn't help myself but pick up every single book in the place. There's everything you could think of. All those Instagram brands you see but always think you'll never find their stuff in Edinburgh? YOU'RE WRONG THEY'RE ALL HERE! As well as their array of amazing stationary, books and general things we all need in our lives but don't even realise they have the best selection of beauty and homeware.

So the food...I'd like to say I am somewhat of a foodie so I can be quite picky when trying new places. I have of course heard from friends the food is divine but I still wasn't sure about it. I've been to my fair share of country cafe's coming from the countryside and had super high expectations. I took my time to decide what I was going to have and settled on ordering the poached cod with chorizo cream, chestnut mushrooms, peas & broad beans with a potato rosti, mussel dressing and let's just say it literally blew me away.

 I had to take a small break to just appreciate the flavours that were coming from the fish and the chorizo cream and mussel dressing were like a sauce party happening altogether. The food is of a standard I would expect from a high-end restaurant and the price is ridiculously good. I cannot fault the food in the slightest. It was simply perfect. It's an open dining and kitchen are so if you so wished you can see your food being freshly made and prepared with local ingredients. We sat beside the window so had the serene view of a crisp winters day. The setting was perfect, the service was homely and comfortable, the food was exceptional and the day just flew by. 

Isn't this just the prettiest setting you've ever seen? The RestorationYard is the kind of place you can just relax and have a 'see what happens' kind of day with friends, family or to be honest it would be a great place to study or socialise for everyone at any age. They have it all. They even offer the space for any event from a wedding to a birthday party and occasionally hold craft events to learn new skills so keep your eyes peeled.

We ate, we drank, we wondered and we bought everything in sight. I couldn't help myself but splurge on the incredible sale of homeware and bought a few bits of stationery and cards of course. If you're stuck on something new to do with the girls, a date, a family outing (it's and amazing destination for kids), a reunion, somewhere new to study, this is the place to be. 

Z x


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