Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Personal Styling Experience at John Lewis Edinburgh

Booking a personal styling appointment has never been something that has crossed my mind, but when I was invited to one at John Lewis Edinburgh last week, the idea intrigued me. With a bit of encouragement from Zoë (who is my full-time personal dresser), I decided to go along and see if I could learn how to be a bit more versatile with my wardrobe choices.

My sister Jinny came with me in the hope of finding an outfit to wear to a wedding that she has coming up, and although she didn't leave with an outfit in the end (these things take time if you are as... particular as she is), she was definitely inspired by the experience. Anyway, it was great having her there, it was nice to have a second opinion from someone I trust.

I would definitely take someone with you if you fancy booking in, we had such a fun afternoon and the appointment costs nothing. I had this image that personal styling was for super-rich people who are ready to splash the cash, but actually, there was no pressure whatsoever to purchase anything at the end of the appointment. 

This is the perfect, stress-free way to shop even if you are just looking to buy a top or a new pair of jeans. Everything is handed to you, in your size, ready and waiting for you to arrive. It doesn't have to be a two-hour long appointment where you end up buying a whole new wardrobe. The appointment is completely personal to you so you can make it what you want. Our appointment gave me the perfect opportunity to have a look at some possible graduation outfits, which is a scary thought, but exciting, and I now have my eye on a certain little Eudon Choi number.

Our stylist, Mary, was amazing. One look at us both and she knew our sizes and told us what colour palettes we could wear. John Lewis Edinburgh isn't somewhere that I am naturally drawn to when clothes shopping, I think of it as more of a homeware store. But after Mary talked us through some of the brands and the exclusive range that John Lewis stock, I felt a bit like I had been missing out. I didn't realise just how much of their clothing is exclusive to JL (its a lot), and they stock almost all of the brands that you can find on George street. I don't know if its just all of this snow talking, but the idea of being able to find all of those shops under one roof is pretty appealing to me right now. Don't get me wrong, it's not often that you would find me shopping on George Street, you know £££, but next time I'm shopping for occasionwear I am probably going to make John Lewis my first stop.

They have also just released their gorgeous Eudon Choi collection. You probably have to be about 3 feet taller than me to pull it off but the dresses were just beautiful and so elegant. I was expecting everything to be very pricey but I was pleasantly surprised with some of the price tags. Most of the pieces that Mary pulled for us weren't alarmingly expensive. I still wouldn't shop here for my every-day wear but some of the clothing wasn't much more than you might pay in the likes of Zara. I have added prices and links to the outfits that we tried on below to give you an idea.

They recommend booking an appointment a day or two before you want to go but there are always two stylists in so I wouldn't worry if you are a bit last minute. I should also mention that they don't really stock much in a size 6 at the moment which could limit you a bit if you are petite like me, but Mary knew which clothes were made in a smaller fit so it wasn't a problem.

Toni x

Exclusive to John Lewis

          Modern Rarity - £140                                                                          and
          Exclusive to John Lewis                                   Lizia Minimal Biker Jacket by Ted Baker - £329
                                                                      Both Exclusive to John Lewis

Exclusive to John Lewis

Exclusive to John Lewis


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