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Dean Jones Hairdressing - How to get the Perfect Haircut

Finding a great hairdresser is so important. There is nothing that makes me feel more confident than when my hair is freshly cut, bouncy and beautiful. After my lovely friend and hairdresser Lauren moved to Canada I felt anxious to get my hair cut anywhere else in case they ruined my hair. With Lauren, I could tell her if I didn't like something and she always listened to exactly what I wanted. After biting the bullet and visiting a few different salons I realised that there are some hard and fast ways of ensuring you get the hair of your dreams every time you sit down in the chair.

I visited the elegant and beautiful Dean Jones Salon on Elm Row looking for a big change to my hair. I am graduating this year and starting a whole new chapter of my life so I wanted to make a change to my appearance too. I've had really long hair for as long as I can remember - so to me this was a huge deal! I sat down with Dean and explained to him my vision for my hair - showing him a few different photos and explaining what I definitely didn't want. The experience felt like a real collaboration, Dean passionately made references to different shorter styles showing me photos of a Sienna Miller cut which was exactly what I had in mind. His professionalism and obvious love for the job put me at instant ease and when he went to cut a huge amount of hair off I actually felt relaxed and safe in his hands.

My overall experience with Dean was amazing he talked passionately about his love for hairdressing and how he wanted every type of client to walk through the door. Whether that be a student visiting for an edgy colour or a lovely grandmother coming in for a cup of tea and trim. When I was in the salon a new mother was in for what must have been her first cut and colour since giving birth. The team at Dean Jones couldn't have been more accommodating and it was lovely to see how relaxed both mother and baby looked. 

I absolutely love my new shorter hair and have never received so many compliments on my new look. In between foils and blow drys I managed to probe Dean into giving me some amazing tips and tricks for getting the style you want and how to maintain it when you get home;

1. Bring a few different pictures. 
Not every style is going to suit everyone but a really great hairdresser can take elements of the style you want and make it work for you. 

2. Don't be afraid to ask questions and use the consultation time. 
If you're not sure don't just settle for the first option discussed. Your hairdresser wants you to have the best experience possible so ask the difficult questions and make sure you are completely happy with the agreed final style.

3. Try something different.
Be brave, your in the best possible hands for your hair. If you want a fringe, get the fringe - it is only hair and it will grow back. 

4. Take advantage of the expert advice.
If you have a question - about styling your hair or hair care, in general, grab your moment and ask. When I was in the salon Dean gave me some amazing advice for caring for coloured hair and also extensive tips for blowing drying my hair. 

5. If you aren't happy - speak up, politely. 
I know it can be so awkward but if you aren't happy, say something. The stylist wants a happy customer and would much rather re-do your hair than have you leaving unhappy. Even if you just want an extra inch of the ends or a slightly different colour. It is always worth it to make sure you leave the salon 100% happy!

If you are looking for an amazing and gorgeous salon to visit in town look no further than Dean Jones. Dean is so talented and made me feel at complete ease throughout the experience. The salon is beautiful and everyone goes above and beyond to ensure I had the best experience possible. 

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