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Best Glossier Products - Just Three Glossier Gals

If you don't know Glossier then please let us know the location of the rock you have been living under so we can remove it and you can read this post whilst adding each product to your basket. This is a brand that we just love, it has become a staple in our routines and is perfect in every way. They are fun, their branding is flawless and their products are even more so. We've listed our fave Glossier products, what they're good for and why we love them. *This post is not affiliate linked, we just really love them xoxo

Lyndsey: For a girl who likes a lighter touch when it comes to makeup application this cleanser is a great everyday option. The formula is designed to cater to all skin types and it leaves my sensitive, dry and eczema prone skin feeling hydrated and clean. It is the perfect morning cleanser or for days when I am wearing little to no makeup - I wouldn't use it after a night out for example as it isn't heavy duty enough for that in my opinion. The scent and texture of the cleanser are light and clean smelling which I really like for something I will be using on the regular. Great product for the low maintenance beauty girl amongst us.

Lyndsey: Boy Brow is definitely the stand out product for me amongst the Glossier range. I am lucky enough to be blessed with pretty full brows, for me, it is mostly about filling in gaps and taming lose hairs into a formation. I love the small spoolie that gives you lots of control of the style and shape of your brows and it also ensures a small but effective distribution of gel across your brows. I never find the gel making my brow hairs clump together or flaking off onto my face at the end of the day, which has been my issues with other similar products. Boy Brow ticks all the boxes with my brow needs, a fail-safe for girls with bushy brows they need to tame.

Zoë: This Glossier product is something of a blessing to every single person that uses it. Even people that don't use it have only good things to say or share about what they've heard. I have super dark hair and my eyebrows are what can only be described as baby caterpillars if not managed. I rarely use anything on them because they don't need to be darker, they don't need to be filled in and I quite like them being a little bit wild and natural. Boy Brow has let me keep their natural and naked look but has managed to support their stray ways. It works with a full face and looks amazing when I don't wear anything else. I'll apply it once and that's enough for a whole day. Boy-Brow is one of those products that I'll never not have in my make-up bag.

Toni: As a girl who has quite fair and thin brows, this product was a godsend when it was introduced to me. After I used it once, I knew it was something that I will always have in my makeup bag. It bulks my brows out by filling in the baldy patches while shaping the hairs that I do have. The product sets really nicely, holding the hairs in place and it doesn't melt off half way through the day. I use Boy Brow every time I wear make-up (almost every day) and it has lasted for so long, it's only just starting to dry up/run low and I have had it for almost four months which I would consider a win.

Zoë: Glossier's Stretch Concealer is the best concealer I've ever used. I've got darker skin than most of my friends so found it quite difficult to get any recommendations that actually work with my skin tone. If Glossier has done anything right, it's their extensive colour range to meet any skin tone. It feels weightless, blends like a dream and goes a long way. I've used it as a primer on my eyes, a coverup for dark circles and scars as well as concealing it just works for everything. The texture of it is almost like a moisturises and feels like it when you blend it into your skin- delish. It's a dream concealer I couldn't recommend more. 

Zoë: My ultimate nudey lipstick is CAKE from Glossier. It doesn't dry out my lips, it doesn't make me look like I'm wearing foundation on them and I swear it's my exact lip colour. I was sceptical when I first bought it because I couldn't actually see it on my lips but swift realised that for that exact reason it was perfect for me. It's an amazing colour and looks great with a saucy clear gloss over it, or just bare on its own and looks fab mixed in with other colours. It's perfect. PS: the way it clicks back together is also very satisfying.

Zoë: Can I get a digital confetti canon for this Solution? My skin has been through the shitter from having acne as a teenager and picking spots (sinful) that's left my skin pretty scarred and has left me terrified to use anything new on my skin in case it goes back to being covered in acne again. It's so sensitive I just want to wrap myself in cotton wool and never let anything come near it. Obviously, that's ridiculous. When Glossier announced the Solution coming out I had a flashback moment to the Cake lipstick thinking they were making these products just for me. It's a miracle worker that reduces redness, spots and pore size. It makes your skin smoother and softer and actually gives you a real-life glow. Can I hear you adding to your basket yet? I thought so.

Zoë: This little bottle of joy has been made for us gals who have emotionally troubled skin. As it says on their website it's perfect to use before your period and skin hell arrives or ideal to use when you're stressed or eating junk food. It's really a bottle of saving grace. Easy to apply and I never go a day without it. I really don't know how my skin and I got on before this- it's a little bottle of dreams coming true.

Toni: A little stick of glowy dreams is how I would describe this highlighter. I have this product in the shade Quartz which has a slight pink tone to it which sits really nicely on my cheekbones and ties in well with my blush. I can create my ideal makeup look with this highlighter so easily, I only need to use a tiny amount to get a nice glow with a dewy finish. It can feel quite sticky to put on at first but it sets after a few minutes and then you cant really feel it anymore. It is intended to be applied to your skin directly from the stick but it definitely needs to be blended a bit with a brush or your finger.

Toni: You will find this balm either in my hand, pocket, bag or next to my bed. I always have it on me and I never get sick of it. I do have other lip balms that I use in between so that my lips are getting a bit of a change but this is definitely my main. I have the birthday flavour which, as you can imagine, has a very sweet scent/taste just like b-day cake so I could see why it might not be for everyone. But on top its tasty flavour (lip products can often be unpleasant to taste but this one is actually delish) it has a slight shimmer to it which looks gorgeous on its own or really cute on top of a lipstick.


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  1. I didn't think I was that impressed with the Stretch Concealer at first. Glossier products haven't really been developed with us mid-30s types in mind, so it didn't seem heavy-duty enough for these eye bags - and yet, months on, I'm still working through the pot and it shows no signs of running out! So happy to admit I was wrong!

    I adore the Haloscope and Balm Dotcom though, no quibbles here :)

    Lis / last year's girl x


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