Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Best Places to Eat in Edinburgh Right Now

If you are looking for some foodie inspiration in Edinburgh, then you are in the right place. I have put together a little list of the restaurants that I personally think are the best places to eat in Edinburgh. As I am quite an indecisive person when it comes to food, my favourite places tend to change quite often, so let's just say that the places I have picked out for this post are my favourites right now. 

Firstly, the recently opened Hawksmoor is a restaurant that you need to go to if you are even considering having steak. I have already written a full post on this so you can read all about it and see some drool worth pics of the food here

Another new kid on the block is Borough. Situated in the heart of Leith, Borough's menu mainly consists of small, tasting plates and is accompanied by a very well thought out wine list. Serving contemporary European cuisine, this little restaurant is all about flavour and is the ideal place for a relaxed dining experience. 

Beef Tartare

Courgette Tart


Next on my list is Lancers Brasserie in Stockbridge, serving Authentic Indian cuisine. I can honestly say that this is the best Indian restaurant that I have been to. The meat in the curry was cooked perfectly and melted in the mouth, the rice was fragrant, the Peshwari naan was perfect and every bite of food was just so full of flavour. I can't fault it.

best Indian in Edinburgh

Now for Fhior. This one is pretty special, namely because you don't get to pick from a menu. The only choice you have is which drink you would like and whether you would like to have 4 or 7 courses. Although you might end up spending a little more on your meal here than you might at a more traditional restaurant, you get more than your money's worth. On having 4 courses, each of which was fairly substantial on their own, we also were given fresh, homemade bread and butter, a few slices of cured meat and a little 'snack' dish to start off with. This place has the perfect combination of fine food and relaxed dining, oh, and the wine pairings are a must have.

edinburgh restaurant

Another little gem that you shouldn't miss is The Walnut on Leith Walk. Although this restaurant is small, the food is mighty and absolutely delicious. This place is for people who love food but don't need or want the facade of a fancy restaurant. It is comfortable, relaxing, has amazing service and lovely staff but most importantly, the combination of ingredients is just divine. 

Best restaurant in Edinburgh

Best restaurant in Edinburgh

Another fantastic new edition to the Edinburgh restaurant scene is 83 Hanover Street the debut dining project from former Gleneagles restaurant manager and the owner of one of our favourite bars in town 99 Hanover Street, Juan Jose Castillo Castro. The concept is amazing with tapas style dining and all the food being produced in Scotland but with Chilean flavours. Great for a delicious snack before cocktails on the town and a lovely venue for date night too. I'd recommend the Beef Short Rib and the Charred Octopus.

Last month I was lucky enough to attend a blogger sleepover at the beautiful Bonham Hotel in Edinburgh's West End. The hotel itself was stunning and I couldn't recommend it more highly if you are looking for a romantic and classic staycation in Edinburgh. On the other hand, you could reserve a table for dinner as the food on offer is exquisite and exemplary for a hotel restaurant. The perfect location for an overnight anniversary or birthday celebration along with a special dinner.

If none of the above takes your fancy then (you're crazy because they are amazing) here are a few more of the best restaurants in Edinburgh that I highly recommend:

Aurora on Great Junction St
BABA Lebanese food on George St
Lovage restaurant on St Mary's St

Please enlighten me with any food places in Edinburgh that you think I need to try, I am always looking for new favourites!


Sunday, 5 August 2018

Taking care of my hair with Charlie Miller

A few weeks ago, I decided to get my hair cut and dyed with the goal of feeling better about wearing it down. Pre-Charlie Miller, I had been wearing my hair up 90 % of the time. Even after taking the time to straighten or curl it all, I just wasn't happy with how it sat and out would come the bobble. It felt dull and flat with no shape or shine whatsoever and so, with the help of Nicola from Charlie Miller, I decided to do something with it.

I met with Nicola for a consultation and patch test the week before my appointment where she helped me to pick out a colour and some highlight tones to put through it too. She heard exactly what I was looking for and explained how she was going to achieve it. The plan was to go for a richer, slightly darker brown colour, putting in some highlights to frame my face as well as keep in a few pieces of my natural colour to help the highlights blend in.

After meeting Nicola, I was really looking forward to my appointment. Everyone in the South St Andrews Street salon was really friendly and the environment was so calm, it didn't feel like my hair was being rushed so that they could get the next customer in. The overall experience was just so relaxing, I was completely comfortable sitting there with a G&T in hand chatting away to Nicola, it was such a nice way to spend my afternoon.

Having not had my hair dyed before, I was a bit worried about the damage it might cause and how my hair would feel afterwards. But Nicola was very reassuring and explained how L'Oréal's new Smartbond treatment that she used provides really good protection during the dying process. The treatment has been developed to strengthen hair fibre and create a stronger bond between the hair and dye. Basically, it makes your hair stronger, softer and shinier after it has been dyed and that's exactly how my hair feels.

I don't want to be dramatic because I know that I didn't go blonde or anything, but even this little change has made such a difference. In the 2 weeks since I have had it done, I have been wearing my hair down almost every day and the few times I have worn it up, it has looked so much nicer than it did before and it feels much healthier.

Charlie Miller

Toni x

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