My mum and auntie always taught me to look after my skin, dress to suit my body and invest in my face. This has resulted in an extreme obsession with all things beauty and a lipstick collection to rival most. When I'm not browsing cult beauty you can find me out for dinner with my amazing friends, making coffee for the 'charming' British public, bingeing on reality TV or chilling out with a good book. 

My favourite thing is being surrounded by the people I love cooking good food for them all together. I cook as much as I can from comfort food to vegan and sugar free cakes. My cookbook collection is verging on embarassing. I'm a self confessed clothes addict which has lead me to actually shop for other people too. Being a personal shopper let's me play with clothes and style every type of body shape there is which is amazing. When I'm not cooking, I'm shopping for me and everyone else but when I'm not doing that I'm all about the crafts or planning the next dinner party.

I grew up in the country on a little farm but have been introduced to city life/the 21st century by these two over the last few years while studying in Edinburgh. I love all things creative, cooking being one of them which is always much appreciated by my friends and family. I also love to visit new places whenever I get the chance, broadening my horizons and experiencing different cultures.


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